Membership Information

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Benefits of Membership

As a member of the New Wilmington Area Chamber of Commerce you are joining a group that is working hard to make the New Wilmington Area a better place to grow your business, to work, and to enjoy life.  We approach this task not only by looking at what benefits we can bring solely to our members, but by looking at the region as a whole and focusing on those activities that enrich the social as well as economic climate for all.  By increasing the number and visibility of activities that involve the local, transient (i.e. Westminster students) and visiting folks we will increase the overall awareness of the vitality of the area which will result in a corresponding increase in economic vitality.

Membership Benefits:

  • Members support a vibrant, growing organization that is making a real, measurable, economic difference in our area.
  • You help shape the direction and growth of YOUR community.
  • Your Chamber cares about the same issues you care about – making the economic environment better for you.
  • Member prices are appreciably lower for Chamber-sponsored activities
    • Regional Marketing Brochure
    • Listing in
    • Business development Events
  • Free listing in the printed Business Directory and on the Chamber Web Site
  • Membership provides excellent networking opportunities.
  • Your Chamber is very involved with local & regional governments and the Lawrence & Mercer County Tourism Promotion Agencies.
  • Belonging to the Chamber provides you opportunities to get involved and influence local and regional development and government activities that will shape the future of our area.
  • Best of all – you are directly helping to make our area better for everyone who lives here and those sure to be coming in the future.

The Chamber isn’t just a few folks working on a couple of projects, it is everyone working at a multitude of levels and activities that will help define and grow our area toward prosperity.